Secure Access

In order to ensure access to the organisation's IT systems, both local clients and servers in the data center, access and authorisation are required at several levels.

Eligibility is required between the IT systems themselves and between the user and the applications he or she is authorised to use.

The secure identity is used to log in the user further into the network and to the application (s) for which the user is authorised to use, i.e. a user authentication check is transparent to the user.

The only thing a user notes is that he/she no longer needs to provide usernames and passwords to the applications that he/she is authorised to use. He/she just starts up a new application and he/she will be logged on automatically.
The user has received a so-called secure Single-Sign-On (SSO) to the applications the user is authorised to use by the security solution.

Furthermore, the security solution that authenticates the user to his/her authorised applications also automatically changes the user's passwords for these applications in the background in accordance with the rules configurated by the applications security management.

The system will change the passwords to the strongest possible that the application can handle so the user can use his/her applications transparently without having to remember different passwords and avoiding password hassle.