Digital Identities

Seamless and secure user authentication solutions

Expisoft provides secure E-Service IDs and certificates - built upon Public Key Infrastructure - to many public and private organizations. Our digital identities can be used for authentication and Single Sign On to different systems and applications that your organization needs access to. 

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Safe access

Access your physical and digital work environments with your smart card. One card - several opportunities for secure access.

Flexible solution

Choose from a range of "hard" and "soft" IDs - including smart cards, certificates, electronic identities to achieve secure access control

Single Sign On

You can choose between physically or logically separated environments - or use a combination of both.

E-service id
Most e-service credentials include the employee’s civic number. But this creates security risks and unnecessary complexity.

Expisoft registers users based on their employee number - to create a secure digital identity that can be easily revoked

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