Service Levels

Choose a service level that fits your business requirements

We pride ourselves on providing unrivaled technical support. But every organization is unique, and our service reflects that.

We offer three different levels of support agreements, so our customers can choose exactly how much help they need to keep their systems safe and running smoothly.

Premium support

Premium support provides you with access to all upgrades, additional functions, bug fixes and onsite-support.

Advanced support

Advanced support provides you with access to all upgrades, additional functions and bug fixes.

Basic support

Basic support provides you with bug fixes.

Cyber Threat Monitoring

We search for vulnerabilities, updates and news with reference to the systems and interfaces that you use.

Advanced Troubleshooting

Expisoft helps organizations when they experience advanced underlying errors in their systems to find the root cause and suggest an adequate solution.


We provide education for our users to understand system architecture and components, including theoretical and practical knowledge.