Dedicated access control for IT/OT and IoT devices

Based on undeniable digital identities

XoT offers a unique solution for dedicated access control based on PKI and related industry standards. The solution can be used to secure any device, new out of the box or old, using IP and a standard fixed or wireless communication port.

For man and machine

Man and machine are treated in exactly the same way from a security perspective. Everything and everyone is verified all the time.

On prem or SaaS solution

You can choose between physically or logically separated environments - or use a combination of both.

Built in Sweden

All the hardware is designed, developed and built in Sweden. And all hosting is done in Sweden, so no data is routed abroad.

Dedicated, identity based access control 

For any type of connected device - even for legacy equipment and units that can't protect themselves or is protected via web-based security.

Zero trust

Totally agnostic and transparent solution based on the "zero trust principle", indisputable identities and PKI.