Terms of purchase

Account agreement

When you purchase a certificate or E-service ID from eid.expisoft.se you automatically enter into an agreement to create an account on eid.expisoft.se. This allows you to see the status on your purchases and order history.


When confirming an order you agree to liability of payment for your purchase and shipping costs that may arise connected to that order.
Companies are invoiced on the order. The order can also be payed by card on www.expisoft.se/kortbetalning.

Other conditions

For information and conditions regarding E-service ID go to Terms and conditions for ordering Expisoft´s E-identifications


Right to return

The right to return is not applicable for services.


Right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal is not applicable for companies and legal entities.



Security and confidentiality

We use https, which means that everything that you do on eid.expisoft.se and www.expisoft.se occurs on an encrypted connection.


Personal data and privacy policy

For comprehensive information go to our Integrity and web policy that you agree to when you make a purchase and create an account on eid.expisoft.se and www.expisoft.se


Printing errors

We reserve the right to cancel or correct incorrect statements or printing errors, this is done as far as possible in consultation with the customer. This reservation also applies to texts in newsletters.


Company information

Expisoft AB
Box 2934
187 29 TÄBY
Org. nr: 556743-0417