Expisoft Buys TeleComputings CA business

TeleComputing took over Sopra Steria's IT operations department in Sweden in 2015. The purchase also included the Steria developed CA solution for issuing electronic identities.

Electronic Identities (EID) are used to identify users who log in to different web services over the Internet. The ability for users to log in to their bank safely to pay bills or make their self-declaration to the tax office electronically are two common examples of how we all use EID, ie electronic credentials today.

As more and more services become available online, the need to safely identify users has increased heavily. Electronic identification (EID) is therfore used in many more ways today, ie everything from government contacts to solutions where EIDs are used to identify users when they log into their company's IT systems/applications.

- Issuing electronic identities (EID) is not in line with TeleComputing's business strategy, our strategy is to be one of the Nordic region's leading cloud services and IT operations specialists. That's why it's quite natural to sell that business to Expisoft AB, says Urban Berlinde.

Expisoft is a Swedish software company with extensive experience from working with IT security products, EID / CA services, secure workplaces and delivering advanced security solutions to the swedsh defence and other major customers in both the private and public sectors.

"We are very excited about the opportunity to buy TeleComputing EID / CA operations, especially given that it is actually our staff who both developed and operated this service to Steria from the beginning. As we now take over all responsibility for the service, we see that we can add value to our customers using electronic identities in their business, "says Stefan Gustafsson, CEO of Expisoft.


About Expisoft

Expisoft is a Swedish software company with cutting edge expertise in IT security, especially in the PKI area, CA services, electronic ID, digital signatures, etc. Expisoft has developed security products and security solutions under several different names (Bull, Integris, Steria) since the early 1990s.

Expisofts business concept is to help organisations to protect their information, networks, workplaces, servers and applications using crypthographic solutions, digital certificates and smart cards.

The protection is obtained through the use of technologically advanced security solutions which, besides offering high security, are easy to use so that customers are not hindered in their work but can focus on their core business.

For more information, see www.expisoft.se.


About TeleComputing

The TeleComputing Group is a fast-growing provider of IT services in the Nordic SMB market. TeleComputing delivers market leading and environmentally friendly solutions in IT operations, outsourcing, IT OnDemand, cloud services and SaaS services (Software as a Service).

The subsidiary Kentor is system integrators who offer qualified industry and business specialists, system development and IT consulting. The Group has more than 1,000 employees in 9 locations in 4 countries and approximately 1,300 corporate customers in the Nordic region. TeleComputing is certified according to ISO9001: 2008 (Quality), ISO 27001 (Information Security) as ISO14001 (Environment).

For more information, see www.telecomputing.se.


Contact information:

Stefan Gustafsson,
VD Expisoft AB
Mail:  stefan.gustafsson@www.expisoft.se, phone: +46 73 205 80 00

Urban Berlinde, VD TeleComputing Sweden AB
Mail:  urban.berlinde@telecomputing.se , phone: +46 708 965 027